Branding & Website

VeganGoo is an online store selling vegan supplements for sportsmen.

They challenged Duas Faces to create their logo, which was created based on the Vegan concept. We have sought the instigating elements from the twisted ends of the sprouts, the seeds, and the way they twist to a plant.

The chosen lettering was a "handmade" font and the colors refer, of course, to the green of the plants.

To give body and pattern to the store, some fruits and vegetables were drawn by us.

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Client: Vegangoo
Project Manager: Sérgio Duarte
Designer: Patricia Machado
Web Development: Joaquim Ribeiro
Photography: Sérgio ferreira
Year: 2018

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Veganism is a movement that respects the rights of animals.

"No animal was mistreated in the branding final production!!!"

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