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Topcostura and Norsec Lavandaria are brands TRE, Lavandarias SA, brands with more than 25 years of experience in treatment of clothes, from sewing, washing, industrial or not.

In addition to managing social media, a new website was developed, simpler, more intuitive and responsive, in which the two brands were added to better respond to customers and to promote the services and campaigns of the stores. The digital presence in Google Mybusiness was also created to enter the world of those who search for services or location.

Facebook Top Costura/Norsec



Client: Top Costura/Norsec
Project Manager: Ana Monteiro
Designer: Sérgio Duarte e Patricia Machado
Web Development: Joaquim Ribeiro
Year: 2018

Social Media Management + Website + Google Mybusiness

Aware that the image of a brand in digital media is increasingly important, in order to create a closer relationship with customers and potential customers, the challenge was launched and consisted of bringing these TopCostura Norsec Group to social networks, specifically Facebook, and give them a new breath, modernize them and win a younger and urban audience.

But, in fact, nobody wants to know how to wash and iron!

But they are interested in creative content. And that's what Duas Faces did!

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