SEO: optimization of sites in Google ranking

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) website optimization in Google ranking

Creating an SEO strategy to increase our organic traffic does not have to be a seven-headed bug. However, the internet is saturated with content and we need to know how to stand out in search engines.

The search engine optimization known as SEO, is the optimization of a website to communicate effectively with the search engines and, simultaneously, appear with a better positioning in the searches.

SEO has been changing over the years, particularly in recent years, with the emergence of social networks. Still, it is of utmost importance for greater online reference and or "location" of institutions.

An SEO strategy involves a strategic positioning of the brand in relation to a certain group of keywords for which we believe that the public will do their research, which is the essence of SEM - Search Engine Marketing. In the specific case of SEO, the concern goes, fundamentally, for a good result on the answer pages of the search engines, preferably in the area of ​​organic search, that is, in the area of ​​unpaid results.

Thus, we can conclude that a coherent SEO strategy allows greater availability of the sites and page for the target audience.

Although it does not have to be a significant investment, Duas Faces advises that companies work with a specialized agency. The world of SEO is constantly changing; therefore, turn to a specialist from time to time to ensure that your company stays on track.

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