Duas Faces design in conversation with Briefing magazine

Interview of Duas Faces design studio with Briefing marketing magazine

Duas Faces talks with Briefing magazine in the most recent edition (November 18, 2022)

This conversation was a pleasure, where we revealed a little more about our two faces!



What if the goal passes by being two faces of the same coin? If so, we are talking about Duas Faces Design. This studio of creatives from Porto was born with this purpose, but there are more characteristics that distinguish it. The creative director, Sérgio Duarte, highlights that they have in their essence the graphic design and that they work to nourish brands with "custom-made ideas".


Initially, as Sérgio Duarte says, the goals were clear. They included creating a studio of graphic design and being able to impose their ideas without becoming hostages of “ego” or trends. Meanwhile, and after some years of experience, he recognizes that the national panorama is full of design agencies "with an incredible work", which led them to try to differentiate themselves. How? They realized that clients are driven by results and decided to ally to the design, the strategy, with the conviction that this would be "the mother idea". Even so, the creative director highlights that "a lot has changed in these (almost) 15 years", but that the ambition of not giving in to "ego" remains a priority.

So, this studio of creatives, that has in its essence the graphic design, finds its core business in the development of brand (branding) and in the strategic thinking for brands. And to the question “What can brands expect from a design from the studio?”, the answer is simple: “We nourish brands with customised ideas and the clients can be sure that they will find an uncomplicated partner, but professional”.

For Duas Faces, 2022 has been a “very positive” year, not only because they conquered new clients, but also because of the “unexpected and really interesting” challenges. In the future, the focus is to grow and reinforce the team, in order to be able to embrace larger customer’s accounts. “This being an area that uses, as a tool, creativity, it is our goal for this year, and the future ones, continuing to paint with boldness and art the projects that are proposed to us”, remarks Sérgio Duarte.


In this story, the need led to the idea. After acquiring some experience in the area, and before a situation of unemployment, two people joined with the goal of having their own place. In 2008, as tells the creative director from Duas Faces, Sérgio Duarte, the panorama of the creative industries in Porto was different from the current one: “The companies didn’t invest or value communication nor the brand’s image”. Still, they moved forward and rapidly realized that the presentation of results would dictate the studio’s future.

And why "Duas Faces" (Two Faces)? Because this creative duo had as a goal to be “the two faces of the same coin”, in this case, the client. It then traced the symbolism of walking side by side with the client, to reach a common goal, becoming this the motto that gives meaning to the work. This premise joined to the only conviction they had to date: that the project would only work if they were able to create a relationship of longevity with the clients.



In Duas Faces, they like to be known as “artificers”. The creative director says that, although the studio has a strong commercial component, whenever he is allowed, he, "steps on the line". "We try to surprise the client, and it is common to mix digital work with manual techniques. It is here that we take the role of artificers, in the exploration of less conventional solutions, and it is with this recipe that the most unexpected solutions arise”, he tells.

An example of this kind of work was the “Elemento Terra” (Element Earth) sign, that took Duas Faces to explore techniques completely new and unpredictable due to it being a sign that showed the image of an event set in nature, in which the briefing asked for “a strong raise of awareness in the participants to sustainability issues”.