“Silver Award” at the Graphis Design Annual Awards 2023

Our work, Cry of the High Tide, is awarded in editorial design with “Silver Award” at the Graphis Design Annual Awards 2023

The book “Cry of the High Tide” is an integral part of the contemporary art exhibition by Cristina Rodrigues.
CRY OF THE HIGH TIDE is a polynuclear exhibition, composed of four original contemporary art installations, by the author Cristina Rodrigues, a Portuguese plastic artist, born in 1980, in the city of Porto.

This bilingual book was a complement to the exhibition, an exhibition represented by 4 artistic installations, in 4 different places in Portugal (Vila do Conde, Valongo, Lisbon and Baião), with 4 classical music concerts.

The design would have to be able to represent the connection of the 4 artistic installations. Just as Cristina Rodrigues, the artist of this exhibition, used the red net to unite the 4 exhibitions in order to create a unique experience, our design also took this element, the net, which "fishes" the graphic elements and, at the same time, intends to "catch" the visitor from the 4 artistic installations.

We opted for a crosshair system that is based on the construction of a symmetrical graphic smear of text and asymmetrical photographs.

The book became an essential piece, and aggregator of the elements that make up this experience, essential to be able to understand the dynamics of the 4 exhibitions, the 4 concerts, the 4 thematic approaches and the 4 locations.

The design was divided between the designers Patrícia Machado and Sérgio Duarte, while the pagination was in charge of Patrícia Machado. All the work had the creative direction of Sérgio Duarte and of the atelier of Cristina Rodrigues.

The fantastic images found in the book are by the photographer Marco Longo.

Graphis Design Award Duas Faces

The work was submitted to competition in the edition of Graphis Design awards 2003, where it was awarded with “Silver Award” in the category of "Print Books" 2023.

"Your exceptional work has been honored with a a Graphis Silver Award in our international Design 2023 competition. This is a prize granted to a select group by a jury of award-winning industry professionals.

B. Martin Pedersen
Creative Director & Publisher"


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