Ordem dos Despachantes Oficiais

The pride of an activity that is proud to represent Portugal.


The Official Dispatchers are professionals with a fundamental role in the trade between Portugal and the Foreigner, since the time of the Discoveries.

For this reason, Duas Faces was inspired by the Portuguese merchant tradition in designing the new logo, corporate identity, stationary and new website of the Order of Official Dispatchers: we use as a base the armillary sphere, symbol of Portugal's expansion across five continents and Green as the dominant color, one of the main colors of our flag, which symbolizes the hope of the nation.

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Client: Ordem dos Despachantes Oficiais
Logo: Gustavo Mesk and Sérgio Duarte
Design: Sérgio Duarte e Patrícia Machado
Web development: Joaquim Ribeiro e Filipe Carmo