Do not disturb, I'm running

Social Networks Campaign ATRP - Agencia Abreu

In order to promote the recent partnership between the ABREU Travel Agency and the Trail Running Association of Portugal, there was a need for a digital marketing action that would link the agency to the world of Trail Running where there are more and more athletes traveling to the four corners of the world in the sense of facing their Ultra Challenges.

The idea was to offer registration, travel and stay for the Ultra Trail of the Sierra Nevada, in the zone of Andalusia in Spain.

The action went through a campaign in the social networks of the actors, where we created a claim with a clear connection to the world of travel:

"Do not disturb, I'm running"

The image is simple but links the slogan and the proof, referring to Abreu and ATRP brands but leaving room for doubt, creating a certain curiosity. Without recourse to any kind of promotion, letting just followers do their job, to share, success was immediate, becoming a viral campaign for lovers of mountain racing, and more!

A few days before the end of the hobby, 5600 views had been reached in the publication, reaching 51,000 people, with an interaction of 1300 likes and 748 shares.

It should be noted that, prior to the official campaign, we launched a teaser to stimulate curiosity.

A very simple but impressive campaign, where the objective was largely achieved, having been achieved the association of Abreu Agency with the adventure travel segment associated with Trail Running events, which proliferate a little around the world, a public that, for standard, is accompanied by the whole family.

14,030 Clicks. 1853 Likes. 964 Shares


  • The competition offered 2 entries Ultra Trail Sierra Nevada
  • Each winner was awarded with registration, stay and transportation
  • There were 3 distances to choose from; 103km / 62km / 40km

The Trail Running sports activity is booming and is, at the moment, the fastest growing sport in the world. It is believed that the contact with nature, the paradisiac landscapes and the overcoming are the main attraction, being that the companionship and the fact of the race being the sport "easier", also contribute to the success.

Duas Faces, over the last few years, has specialized in sports, especially outdoor sports, and Trail Running is one of its specializations.

Creative / Copy: Sérgio Duarte

Client: Trail Running Association of Portugal